Our History


SpeedAgro S.R.L. was born in the year 2001 in the town of Coronda, province of Santa Fe.

It begins with the registration in SENASA of a line of coadjuvants, a fact that

will be concreted 2 years later.



In April 2004, CASAFE (Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers of Argentina) granted the PREMIUM CATEGORY certification to its deposits, thus allowing the arrival of companies

such as BASF.



In September 2007, ISO 9001: 2000 was certified in all its processes.


After a rigorous process of laboratory tests and field effectiveness tests, the registration is obtained for the SPEEDWET XION products, the line of compound formulations that means the evolution of the NG line.


A property is acquired in the Industrial Park in the town of Sauce Viejo, creating the SPEEDWET line.


The birth of the SPEEDWET NG line is consolidated. In October of the same year, the first stage of automation of the processing plant begins.

In November 2005, the first export to Uruguay was made.



Consolidates its leadership in the domestic market, coinciding this new milestone with the landing in Ecuador.


Nuestra Misión es aportar soluciones integrales para el agro a través de coadyuvantes de formulación compuesta y productos relacionados, sustentados en tecnología de vanguardia, cumpliendo con los estándares más elevados y una fuerte responsabilidad con nuestros recursos humanos y el medio ambiente.

Nuestra Visión es liderar el mercado global a través de la provisión de productos de tecnología de vanguardia, sustentada en los pilares de la excelencia y la innovación de sus recursos.




Commercial manager:

Ing. Agr. Joel Suvirada - Cel. 03462 15 663894


Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy y Catamarca


Technical and Sales Manager:


Ing. Agr. Raúl Chebaia - Cel. 0387 15 6055757


Tucumán y Santiago del Estero


Technical and Sales Manager:


Ing. Agr. Walter Serreau - Cel. 0342 15 5153663


Entre Ríos, Corrientes y Misiones


Technical and Sales Assistants:


Ing. Agr. Alejo Alonso - Cel. 0342 15 6101954


Corrientes - Paraguay


Technical and Sales Managers:


Ing. Agr. Eduardo Gómez - Cel. 0379 15 4802694







Córdoba, San Luis, La Pampa


Technical and Sales Managers:


Ing. Agr. Javier Buffa - Cel. 0358 15 3416367


Ing. Agr. Guillermo Seleme - Cel. 0351 15 3413974



Santa Fe y Norte de Buenos Aires


Technical and Sales Managers:


Ing. Agr. Juan Pablo Belardinelli  - Cel. 2323 15 625089


Ing. Agr. Leonel Lequio - Cel. 0342 15 4791055



Centro Sur Buenos Aires


Ing. Agr. Marlon Pardo  - Cel. 0342 15 4790998











In constant search for accomplishing its highest business goals, which are based on Excellence and Innovation, SpeedAgro LLC establishes as priority conditions the caring and developing of the persons working in the company, the respect and protection of the environment, and the integral quality of its products, procedures and services. We are fully aware that the excellence in these three commandments’ realization will lead to sustainable and sustained growth and expansion, providing integral technological solutions to its clients and distributors. Having these precepts in mind, the company is committed to the following:

*adhering and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements inherent in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health implemented in this context, as well as fulfilling our clients through the compliance of the product’s requirements and the ones established with them.

*raising the necessary awareness for the personnel to use energy and natural resources efficiently, encouraging the recycling and reusing culture by an efficient training.


*carrying out our operations continually establishing and assessing the risks, dangers, aspects, and environmental impacts in order to work in the safest, healthiest, and most responsible way, attaining human protection and preventing pollution.


*defining environmental objectives, setting measurable goals that will improve and optimize the internal processes in order to generate sustainable production.






The UNL and SpeedAgro will work for region development

By signing a framework agreement, both entities have agreed to collaborate in staff training and scientific research activities, and in promotion activities of scientific and academic interest. The signature ceremony between Rector Albor Cantard and Managing partner Victor Escalas was held on Friday 29 November.

Aiming at working together for mutual collaboration in activities of staff training, of scientific research, and of promotion of academic and scientific interest, the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) and the regional company SpeedAgro have signed a framework agreement. The ceremony was held in the University’s Rectory building and it was signed by Rector Albor Cantard and the Managing partner Victor Escalas. Among other members of the company and university, vice chairman of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (and 2014-2018 elected chairman) Norberto Gariglio, and chief executive of SpeedAgro, Esteban Gastaldi, were present.



Permanent work


SpeedAgro is also sponsoring the UNL and “we are really pleased of being able to sign this agreement that will be used as a new working tool, and this is why we truly believe it is the way to go, working together with the private sector in order to benefit all citizens”, stated Cantard after the ceremony.

On his behalf, Escalas pointed out that “innovating and developing processes in society is a constant and everyday challenge. The corporate social responsibility as private sector is what we can offer in order to do our part.



Productive development


“What matters most is to get the private sector closer to university, demanding what it needs. This has been the main problem for years. This kind of link was not so simple to achieve, but it was reverted and it has still been so”, said Gariglio.

As for Gastaldi, “we are only a 10-year-old local enterprise but growing a lot as concerning research, technical development, adaptive planning, among others; all these are values developed in a university context and mainly at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Therefore, this agreement is an ideal complement to carry on with our company development.”

UNL press –









The Technology Adoption Programme (ProATec) for Major Clients aims at making the phytotherapy application process more efficient by using knowledge and technology at the service of sustainable agriculture. The programme considers diagnosis and measurement, improvement proposals, training and technical assistance. It consists of 3 levels of implementation so that the adoption of new technologies and the improvement of practices could be a progressive and measured process carried out by every person involved in it.


Below the different PROATECs in detail:






The program consists of identifying on an overall basis which problems a client may face in the application process, in the training by thematic modules, in the permanent technical assistance, and in the internal communication planning. The latter consists of permanently publishing technician-and- applicator-oriented information.






It will focus on calibration and fine-tune, training and subsequent sprayers audit.

A specialist technician in the field of applications will be in charge of the first three steps.



 1) Sprayer Calibration

After diagnosis, it will proceed with equipment fine-tuning and identification of issues to be dealt to deal with in the training step.


2) Training

The technician will speak about the whole carried-out work and will train which items have to be considered in the equipment calibration and efficient application processes.


3) Certification audit

A month after calibration, each calibrated equipment will be monitored to check if it is used according to the technician recommendations. There will not be prior notice and a report will be submitted to the person in charge and appointed by the client.

The monitoring will consist of the assessment of different variables already established in prior stages.






This stage implies diagnosis and assessment of the best proposals, training and technical assistance.

In this case, it will be focused on:

- The application techniques on pesticides and the use of chemical compound formulation adjuvants, making the use of water and phytosanitary products more efficient;

- How much the application practice with low volume with our formulation technology is contributing;

- Less pesticide-contaminated water;

- The decrease of operating costs related to less water transport, ease and speed in making mixtures;

- Higher levels of autonomy on the job;

- Wide-reaching of pesticides. If attention to the drop size of the irrigation sprinkler, this will lead to a wider coverage and better penetration performance on zones hindered by stubble or crops;

- Lower loss of pesticides via drainage, drift, and evaporation;

- Phytotoxicity elimination related to the use of agricultural oils;

- Evaporation and drift control.






SpeedAgro LLC undertakes to comply with providing its clients with adjuvants of agriculture use that meet its needs and requirements. Also it undertakes to comply with improving permanently the internal processes, in order to guarantee and to ensure the high standards of the products and services quality the company provides. In this respect, the policy quality establishes that SpeedAgro LLC is comprised of human beings making the greatest efforts in pursuit of:


- Products that meet the legal and regulatory as well as clients’ requirements;


- Trust and confidence of the processes performed through permanent personnel training;


- An increasing national and international market share of SpeedAgro products by our client’s development and growth;


- Proper customs’ service, suggestions, claims, needs, or enquiries;


- Maximizing the use of the available resources with the objective of improving the efficiency of each conducted process.



Object and field


Object Oriented Quality Management.

According to the selected regulation, the Quality Management System is addressed to the national and international market with the supplying of products that will meet customers’ expectations and needs as well as the legal requirements and regulations.


Quality Management System scope.

The quality system management scope implies the “Development, Production and Marketing of Adjuvants for agricultural use”.


Fields of application.

The Quality Management System is applicable to the plant which SpeedAgro LLC has in Sauce Viejo Industrial Park, in Santa Fe province, with the clear and well-defined goal of consistently ensuring the reliability of the products and services it provides and the accomplishment in due time and form of its contractual commitments.


The fulfillment of the items or the established criteria in the agreement (based on the regulations or specifications taken as reference) must be applicable to all the SpeedAgro LLC operational sectors. These sectors interfere in processes of purchase, production, control, sales, dispatch and after-sales service, and in fully agreement with the applicable requirements in each case.



Production, Administration and Marketing



Tel/Fax: +54 342 499 6100

Ruta Nac. N 11 - Parque Industrial Lote N 2

CP 3017 Sauce Viejo - Santa Fe - Argentina