SpeedAgro S.R.L. was born in the year 2001 in the town of Coronda, province of Santa Fe. It begins with the registration of a line of adjuvants in SENASA.  This fact would be accomplished  2 years later.


A property is purchased in the Industrial Park in the town of Sauce Viejo. The SPEEDWET line was created


In April 2004, CASAFE (Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers of Argentina) granted the PREMIUM CATEGORY certification to its storage thus allowing the arrival of companies such as BASF.



The birth of the SPEEDWET NG line is consolidated. In October of the same year, the first stage of the processing plant automation begins.

In November 2005, the first export to Uruguay was carried out.



In September 2007 the ISO 9001: We achieved the 2000 standard certification in all its processes.


It consolidates its leadership in the domestic market. This new milestone happens together with  its landing in Ecuador.


After a rigorous process of laboratory tests and field effectiveness tests, the registry for the SPEEDWET XION products we achieved. This is the line of compound formulations that means the evolution of the NG line.