Composite formulation adjuvants are additives developed to provide the producer, both: the chemical stability of the formula and multiple physicochemical properties that contribute to improving the application and bioavailability of the active product and the possibility of using them with a broad spectrum of pesticides under adverse weather conditions and crops. Everything in a single product


SpeedWet Xion Activegel is a high concentration multi-action adjuvant for the application of pre-emergent herbicides and graminicides.
Conditioning, Moisturization and Penetration


SpeedWet Xion Slicongel is a more concentrated multi-action adjuvant with the exact balance of active ingredients designed for new application technologies.


SpeedWet Maxion NG is a soluble concentrate of compound formulation designed to optimize the absorption and biological action of pesticides.

Its action modifies the viscosity and elasticity of the broth, causing a narrower spray angle and a higher concentration of impacts on the target of the application.

SpeedWet Siliconado NG is a soluble concentrate of compound formulation specially developed to reduce the losses caused by evaporation and drift, as well as to improve the biological action of the pesticides to be used

SpeedWet Clean is a product designed to clean and degas the agrochemical residues in the sprayer. The shape of a protective film that prevents redemption on the walls and the sealing of spikes, pipes, etc.

Folleto Speedwet Clean