Inoculants for Silo

LALSIL®   inoculants for silage are produced by Lallemand Inc. in Milwaukee (US) and in Aurillac (France) in plants with the highest quality standards of the industry.


After a lyophilized process, water dispersible granules are delivered in a package designed to guarantee its useful life and efficiency in the field.


Its formulations have been developed and tested in more than 30 investigation centers worldwide, namely Arvalis in France, Aarthus in Denmark, Inra in France, IRTA Spain; Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom, Honenheim University, Germany; BLT, Germany, Szeged University, Hungary; Delaware University, USA; Florida University, USA; Agriculture Canada, CAD; ESALD, BR …)


The inoculants for silage LALSIL ® have been approved, recommended and used in the European Union and in the rest of the world.


Inoculant for silage to improve the aerobic stability of corn silage. It minimizes biological degradation and conserves the nutrients available in the silo. Maintains speed after opening the silo for a longer time.

Folleto Lalsil AS

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Inoculant for pasture silage silage that provides greater speed and efficiency in acidification and optimal palatability.

Folleto Lalsil CL

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