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With an eye to the new global scenario.

Growth of the world population, agricultural frontiers delimited with little chance of expansion, impending water shortages, among other reasons interconnected in a complex web, mark the new global scenario dyed a pressing need to increase food production.
In turn, the agronomic scenario has its own problems requiring us to put even more focus on the interests of a sustainable solution.
In SpeedAgro argue that we are members of a key industrial sector in the integration of the food chain and it is in this context that we must deal (and not just worry ) that trends into opportunities and is based on the available technology which leads us to the ultimate purpose of increased productivity and sustainability.


our commitment

our commitment
We promise to follow the evolution of the process of maximizing agricultural production leading the development of technologies that optimize phytosanitary applications.
our strategy
Our products and services are the result of a structured Innovation, subject to quality controls of the highest demand and supported by a technical - commercial network with presence in all production regions in order to ensure the adoption of this technology process.

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